English 2060.03

Sports Literature and Culture: Hockey

Winter Term 2014

Section 01 Regular Format

Section 02 Online Format

Instructor: David McNeil (dmcneil@dal.ca)
FASS Building, 6135 University, 3193 (494-3508)

Office Hours: TBA


When Gretzky went to LA                                                                

My whole nation trembled

Like hot water in a tea cup when a train goes by

John B. Lee


Please note that there are two Sections of this class. Section 01 is the regular format that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 14:35-15:55. Section 02 is the online format (distance education) that utilizes mp3 files as lectures and Collaborate Live Classroom for internet discussions. Camtasia recordings of all the regular format meetings in Section 01 will be made available to all students. Follow the links above for more information on each.


This class will focus on literature, primarily Canadian, that deals with ice hockey. Texts are selected from a range of forms: journalism, fiction, poetry, song and film. Topics include cultural identity, personal memoir, and gender equity. Students will explore the unique features of writing that deals with what has been called “Canada’s national game” and recognize how the literature of sport is connected to the broader literary canon. We will also examine the commercial, aesthetic and political aspects of hockey literature.

Evaluation will be based on writing assignments, tests, and a final exam. All written work will have to be submitted to SafeAssign. Students with permanent or temporary disabilities who would like to discuss accommodation are asked to see the instructor as soon as possible.

Method of Evaluation
Class Participation (attendance, activity, Blackboard "Discussion" postings) 10%
Review or Response or Presentation (Topic & Date); submit digitally to SafeAssign by midnight Jan. 30 (see Blackboard for details) 10%
Mid-Term Test (Feb. 13) 20%
Essay or Research Paper. Proposal due Mar. 4; final copy Mar. 29; submit final copy only to SafeAssign by midnight Mar. 25 30%
Final Exam (Exact Date and Time TBA but will be during the Exam Period 30%



NEW Cara Hedley, Twenty Miles, about CIS women's hockey

Stephen Brunt, Searching for Bobby Orr

Going Top Shelf: An Anthology of Canadian Hockey Poetry, ed. Michael P. J. Kennedy

Words on Ice: A Collection of Hockey Prose, ed. Michael P. J. Kennedy

Wayne Johnston, The Divine Ryans

Charles Biname, The Rocket, film

Course Pack, available from Julia's. 1525 LeMarchant St., Halifax, NS B3H 3R2, 902 425-4722, julias@eastllink.ca

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Pre-requisite: Any full-year writing requirement.

Can be taken as transfer credit (see your Registrar or academic advisor).

For more information, contact David McNeil [Picture] [Picture] dmcneil@dal.ca (902) 494-3508.

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