SCANS Winter 2020

Hockey and Canadian Culture


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When Gretzky went to LA                                                                  

My whole nation trembled

Like hot water in a tea cup when a train goes by

       John B. Lee

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This class will focus on hockey as part of Canadian culture. Is it as large a part of that culture as some would suggest, or is it exaggerated because Canadians are fundamentally insecure? We will explore such questions by drawing on the presence of the sport in our national and regional media, and on the abundance of references to hockey in our history, literature, music, film and visual arts. While our celebration of hockey is everywhere around us, so are the challenges to its status as a national sport by those who claim that it is too violent, too exclusive and too expensive. This class will not shy away from the dark corners; nor will it ignore the many marvellous moments that we experience individually with family and friends and collectively when the sport taps into our sense of a nation. Along the way, we will examine the commercial, aesthetic and political aspects of hockey and anthropologically account for our fascination with it.


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